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Cebit Hannover
also available to the industry fair
Ticket, prices and arrival

prices, departure times until now not confirmed for 2003

Arrival to the fair grounds by plane and train (regular trains)

FRA*128, Aero Lloyd, El Al (Israel), Varig, dusk DB1815, german train reaching Trier
fromtravel timefrequencechange train
Hameln53 minutesevery 30 min1
Hameln45 minutes07:35hnon-stop
Hanover central station7 minutesup to 8 per hournone
Hanover airport23 minutesevery 15 minnone
Hamburg1:38 hourevery hournone
Berlin Zoo1:43 hourevery hour1
Francfort central station2:11 hour2 per hournone
Francfort airport2:35 hour2 per hour1
Munich / München4:18 hourevery hournone
Dortmund1:24 hourevery hour1
Cologne / Köln2:43 hourevery hour1

There are additionally special expo trains going directly to the expo. The shown timetable is based on the new timetable of the train company called DB, Deutsche Bundesbahn. To go by train is the easiest and stress free way to go, so the travel time is only shown for trains. By car the travel time differ a lot of the circumstances about time (rush hour, holidays), highway limitation and other facts happening on the street. Germany has a lot of traffic and at least one jam is obligation.

Prices based from Hameln by train

to the fair 1. class2. class
single trip23,2015,40
return ticket46,4030,80
one week144,0096,00
to the airport 1. class2. class
single trip30,3020,20
return ticket60,6040,40
to Springe 1. class2. class
return ticket18,0012,00
one week63,0042,00

All shown prices are regular rates (in DM, without guarantee). The german railway company, called DB Deutsche Bundesbahn offers various discounts like Bahncard (frequent travel discount of 50%) or the weekend-ticket (DM 35,00 for 5 persons, unlimited distance). When arriving, please inform at a ticket counter about their atual offers, we don't know all of them. All shown prices without guarantee.

You like to get more information ?
We are not a partner of the fair, but we try to help you as far as possible, write to bjh@bmksound.de

or phone to +49 172 541 1605

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