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This part of the Harzex contact exchange is represented in a way like a marriage brokerage. Please note, that advertisers in this aera normally won't prefer the direct contact. But it is also shown in the advertisements. Further you can choose the country or region out of which you like to have a contact to the ladies and girls. Also if all countries are shown in the list, our priority is inside or the axis Europe/North America - Brazil.

Why only look, present yourself with your advertisement complete for free. Your announcement is welcome to us.

Like advertise
A little bit of courage, that's all you need.

Please note that the service in this form was established on Aug, 02 2000, so that you can't expect a huge amount of contact wishes. We have a lot of visitors, but actual only 2 advertisements out of Germany and 1 out of Switzerland.

The list for selection is divided up into regions. It is also possible, that several countries may joined together on an index site, because e.g. it doesn't make much sense to build up for every caribbean state an extra site. Additionaly in brackets the number are shown for advertises coming out of this country, in general and with fotos.

Also if it may a little bit confusing for you, but we put all countries in our list. So it is easier for us in case of enlargement and you will not be lead on incorrect sites cause of a wrong index.

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