The <FONT COLOR="#FFCF40">Hotel Caf&eacute; Kinnel</FONT> seen from the Gerhart Hauptmann street. On the photo in front of the red car is the entrance to the hotel. In the attic story (2nd floor) are located the double rooms of the hotel. The big windows belonging to the living area, whereas the small one are part of the bath room. So you may get an imagination about the double room size. <BR><P> Panorama of the hotel own parking area as well as the entrance in the left corner. The windows belong to the single rooms 21 - 27 in the ground floor as well as 41 - 47 in the first floor. <BR><P> Scenic view of the hotel entrance coming from the parking place. Small annotation: That in front of the entrance 2 sporting Mercedes are parking is lucky coincidence, also <I>none SLK drivers</I> are friendly welcome in our hotel. <BR><P> Cafe and winter garden of the hotel. In the morning this part is also used as the breakfast room, but hotel guests have also the possibility to sit in an extra section, because the shown part has public visit too. In this multi function hall is located in a corner the hotel own backery and pastry shop. To conferences, conventions or festivities and events this room can be prepared and changed the setting, depending the visitors and the number of persons varying also in the size. In front of the winder garden a small terrace is located. <BR><P> Interior view of a single room, in the example room number 25. The picture is made at the end of the entrance corridor, where the cupboard is located and adjacent the bath room too (shower and toilet). Glance on television, telephone and the working desk with a desk lamp. Fact of the sunny weather and the good light outisde the things next to the window are a little bit in back lighting. <BR><P> Fitted kitchen in a boardinghouse apartment (example: room 53). The kitchen is localizated inside a cupboard with folding doors (margin of the picture) and is equipped with all appliances of a normal kitchen like sink unit, cooker, refrigerator, coffee-maker, blanket of smog and cupboards for cutlery, dishes and kitchenware. <BR><P> S-Bahn (rapid train) station Mühlheim on Main. Picture made from the southern side, where the metro railway link rails are lying (northern site = long-distance traffic). Striking point is the water tower, so it is easy for you to identify the station. If you are coming from Frankfurt city, the fair of the airport, the tower will appear on the left side. After leaving the train and going down the stairs go to the right in the subway (underpass), where taxis are waiting or the bus to the hotel at the station building. <BR><P> Frankfurt on Main, central station. International fair city and finance metropole. On the long distance tracks an ICE (Intercity Express) of the 3rd generation is waiting for departure in front of the enormous halls. If you are arriving at Frankfurt station and like to go to the hotel the the S8 (metro train) you have to change here, pass the station hall and go to the underground station. Taxis are located at the exits of the station, tram or streetcar have their stop in front of them main entrance.