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Airlines or airport operator companies (called in the following company), which like to participate the photo gallery, can easily request this. The presentations of the company is up to further free of charge, even if there is a possible modification; this is not retroactively to the accommodations already inserted. The BJH  Software makes the installation inside the appropriate gallery as well as the possible change / transformation of the provided transfered image files.

However the accommodation is bound to some rules, in order to ensure an equal structure of every photo gallery.

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If you are interested only fill out the form for response.

Should a company require to get their own gallery for presentations, well know or advertising reasons, this is also possible. However the company would have to take the additional expenses for the creation of the accommodations, even if BJH software has an extensive file arquive, but the good mixture for such a gallery can't be well-reflected. These mixture would be (for airlines) the places / airports (homeland airport, standard targets, admitted and exotic targets or special flights), which the company has inside its flight plan or had have times before. With airport operators would be a good mix, if all areas (passengers, cargo, architecture, infrastructure...) are shown. On interest or further questions, you send this form for response.

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