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8 sights of airplanes around the world. This gallery only shows civil aircrafts, military aircarfts are not planed at this time. Airlines or airport companies, who like to extend and participate the gallery by own exposures, please click here. It is paid attention to show a large and equivalent selection of the societies or airlines as possible, in order to disadvantage nobody, with consideration of qualitatively good or interesting pictures. Further explanations and the presented aircraft types at the end. The partitioning serves only for better orientation.

The photo gallery airports worldwide is a little bit other in the structure and organization. Inside the summary picture is the flag of the country of the airport located. This flag is the link to the enlargement of the photos. Also the short description is based in the flag, where at the beginning in brackets is shown the IATA-Code of the airport.

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airplanes: summary Europe worldwide
Frankfurt airport: air views & Europe America & Africa Asia
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All sections of Frankfurt airport. You can position from here direct to the parts, which are not listed detailed on this page.
airsights Lufthansa Germany Europe (central, north, west) Europe (south west) Europe (southeast) Europa (east) USA Canada / Caribbean South America Africa Madagascar / Turkey Arabian peninsula Russia India Far East, Australia

(SSA) Salvador - BA, landed Varig (SSA) Salvador - BA, Rio Sul rolls to their parking position (SSA) Salvador - BA, Trans Brasil im Vorfeld (CGB) Cuiabá - MT, TAM Fokker 100 im Vorfeld
(BKK) Bangkok, Thai Airways ready for going (HKG) Hongkong, Concorde rolls to the start (HKG) Hongkong, British Airways in landing phrase (CEB) Cebu City, Philippines and Kelowna
(CAI) Kairo, Egypt Air reaches park position (CAI) Kairo, Yemenia reaches parking position

By clicking the photos you get to the enlargement of the photo including the detailed data. Organization of an airplane site in the explication of the summary / entrance page airplanes and airports. How the descriptions of photo are structured and which possibilities you have in the operator control, are summarized in the assistance text description of the photo. If you like to organize your screen to another build up of the pages, use the screen configuration.

Note: To show the whole gallery detailed, some picture are not translated yet and be presented in the german description, but normally it is not a long text and e.g. the IATA code is in all languages equal.

In this gallery shown aircraft sorted according to constructor:
Airbus 300
BAe Concorde
Boeing 737 747 767

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