Panorama of Hameln out of southern direction. At the bottom of the image, left hand corner, area next to the Klüt (mountain west of the center), great road crossing is calling Brückenkopf (bridgehead), the Weser river, which also encloses the islands in the river called Werder. In front the old Weser bridge, back the new one. Weser weirs (down with salmon stairs), above the Pfortmuehle (=mill), today bibliothec. At the eastern end (right in the picture) of the old Weser bridge is the Münster, an old monastery, on the other side on the street, the 4-star-hotel Hotel Stadt Hameln (City Hameln), formerly a prison. In the photo above there the historic town centre with the market church called St. Nicolai, good to identify by the green church tower). On the stairs before the church the pied piper saga is shown as an open air theatre at sundays noon, only in summer, but for free. Over it the living areas of the north city as well as the city forest Wehl and Basberg.