The Hochzeitshaus (wedding house) in the pedestrian area of the down town of Hameln. Inside the wedding house is still the registrar office, so that the house has its correct name. The entrance is on the right site (on the picture), maybe that there are some people in front who are not doing usual and daily things like shopping in town. After the door in the front of the house on the first floor the pied piper play is located, which will be played every day assisted by the bell above. In the image left of the wedding house there is the market church St. Nicolai. The street on the right is called Osterstrasse (Easter Avenue). photo

Hochzeitshaus (wedding house):
In the years 1610 - 1617 the munipicipality had constructed this enormous banqueting hall for its citizens (master builder Eberhard Wilkening). The renaissance building distinguish by the powerful compactness, high voluting gables on impressive miniature houses in the roof of the southern side (in the photo on the right). The simple windows and the emphasis of the horizontal by rough ribbons in boss stone design symbolizing the homogeneous intension in style of the builder. Under the rich decorated gables of the dwarf houses were the entrance doors to a wine tavern, the town balance and a pharmacy. Here was also the place where Wilhelm Sertürner, the discoverer of morphium, was working.