Narrow gauge steam locomotive 99-7243 on a siding track from the old locos shed of the Gernrode-Harzgeroder railway (GHE) = Selketal line at the station Eisfelder Talmühle. View from the western tracks, south of the station building, which belonged to the Nordhausen-Wernigeroder railway AG (NWE).

The narrow gauge railway net in the Harz mountains is managed today private. Enterprise of all 3 lines (Harz crossing, Selketal and Brockenbahn = branch off at Drei Annen Hohne) is the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH GmbH with headquarter in Wernigerode (Germany), short call HSB. The photo was taken during DR (Deutsche Reichsbahn = German Reich Rail) - times, the most of the trains were leaded by steam locomotives. Certainly, some are still going, but mixed with railcar too.