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You are searching ...
assistance and professional know-how while trabsfering or optimizing your logistic processes based on SAP software solutions.

We are ...
professional practise qualified personnel with scientific, technical or business background. At this time we take part at the Siemens Business Services to certificate our qualification as a consultant of logsitics and eProcurement for the SAP software, moduls material management and sales & distribution. The final exame and certification will done by SAP directly.

Our qualification
  • concepts
  • eealization
  • applications
  • technical basics
Release: 4.6c
  • Business Workflow applications
  • material management
  • Business-to-Business Procurement
  • material, configuration; extension
  • Internet Transaction Server
  • Workplace
  • Advanced Planner, Optimizer
  • Business Connector
  • in purchase and import
  • in sales and distribution
  • planing, navigation, serial production
  • product Lifecycle
  • project
  • modelling business scenaries
  • workbench concepts
  • programming tecnics
  • SAP prject transaction
  • Windows NT/2000
  • net works; protocols (like TCP/IP)
  • internet tecnologies
  • databases and SQL

This qualification refers to all candidates. Further knowlegdes, capabilities or skills are described in the profiles of every own candidate.

The easy way to a succesful teamwork
With this internet site we like to present ourself a little bit. Complete and entire CVs we make available on your request. In our practise time starting at Sep, 15 2003 up to the Oct, 30 2003 we offer you a specimen of out know-how in practise work in our company or at your client. Use this unique possibility to check perhaps your future employees or freelance contracters. To get in contact with us, please use our page of the candidates profiles as the easy and uncomplicated way to get more well-known with us. We already offer you there a response form.

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