consultant / organizer
SAP R/3 logistic, e-Procurement, e-Commerce
programming and developping

On this page we like to present ourself with our short description. The profiles are part of a reply form, where we offer you the possibility to get in contact with several person or the whole group. By clicking the name of a candidate you get all detail information and skills shown in an extra window. This window is the same for all profiles. On this page further datas are given about abilities, talents, professional experience and background as well as foreign spoken languages.

After this summary you will reach the next page by using the continue button, where we kindly ask you to tell us something about your enterprise, the contact person and the kind of work or project, you are searching manpower to do. Don't miss to mark if employment or freelance contract base. After filling these 2 forms your datas are send to us the Postdata-Email, please confirm notes of your Internet browser.

 nameagefocus of work, professional experience
Berchteine, Serguei30technical consultant, programmming and customizing, electronic engineer
Haase, Bernd36technical consultant. IT- and logistics, ABAP and COBOL programming, database, customizing, project management (BJH Software)
Haghiri, Sima39trainer, graduated business woman, environment scientist, QM-commissioner
Höhle, Karl47technical consultant, application developper ABAP4 moduls RF, RK-E and basis
Kellers, Bernard45functional consultant, graduated business man, EDP-consultor
Lieders, Peter33functional consultant, graduated eng. of telecommunication and sales experience in the field
Massahi, Hutan30sales agent, consulting for companies, who likes to settle a subsidiaray in the Iran
Meyerhenke, Christiane41helpdesk, support, TC-management, sales agent
Otto, Michael34functional consultant, industrial business man, Datawarehouse management
Ramthun, Klaus50trainer, industrial business man export / organization manager
von Hugo, Jörg53technical consultant, graduated Math., SAP CO, PS, Basis, ABAB/4-programming
Wagner, Michaela38functional consultant, graduated eng. automation and process methods, economic engineer
Winkelmann, Wolfgang48graduated computer scientist, QM-commissioner, consulting, project management ERP-Software

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