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SAP R/3, especially SD or MM
To all companies, consulting agencies and enterprises, who are searching for ABAP programmers or consultants in merchandise economy for the SAP environment, section SD (sales & distribution) or MM (material management), particulary also shipping and logistics (LES). Enterprises, who are searching employees or freelance contracters with analytic intelligence, background knowledges, long-term experience, know-how about the technical processes and the responsibility in different positions, enterprises, who are looking for persons with good skills, intelligence and competance in consulting as well as customizing, shall continue in reading this offer of a team of qualified SAP consultants and organizers. Don't miss your chance, inform yourself about us, IT-specialists with professional background and practise, who like to present themself on this site.

Powerful advantages
Advantage of this symbiosis are the synergy in the strengthening of your developper and project team, because we know the processes and methods in the different variations in the almost all industrial sectors, mainly in producing business and trades. Therefore we don't have to learn the subject and processing, we can already show solutions aspects. Also some team members have already capabilities and qualities in leading projects and groups, made practical service at the client itself, national and international, also overseas. By our appearance as a group we can offer additionally a great spectrum of foreign languages, (fluently) in reading and writing.

You like to get more information about us ?
Interested ? Qualified and graduated consultants and organizers desired ? Searching for SAP customizers, ABAP developpers and trainers ? You are a SAP R/3 user or agency ? On the following pages we like to present yourself a little bit more detailed, the whole group as well as every single person with its own profile and personal information. There you also the possibility to mark your ideal candidate and get in contact to us.

To the candidate skills

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