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SAP education - visited courses
  BC400ABAP Workbench basics
BC405Reporting for lists and InfoSet Query
BC410Development of user dialogs (Dynpro)
BC414programming of changes in the databases
BC415RFC (Remote Function Calls) in ABAP
BC420Data transfer
BC425Extensions and modifications
BC430ABAP Dictionary
BC470Formular printing by SAP Smart Forms
BC600SAP Business Workflow step intro
BC620SAP Idoc interface (technology) R/3 4.6a
BC621SAP Idoc interface (development) R/3 4.6a
BC640SAP Script (formular generation)
CA535Material valuation
EPR210Enterprise Buyer Professional
EPR240Catalog & Content Management
LO020Processes in procurement from outside
LO090Product Lifecycle Management, parts list
LO150Processes in sales
LO510Supply management
LO511Supply management, inventory, stocktaking
LO515invoice audit
LO520Optimizing in purchase
LO521Conditions and price evaluation in MM
LO525Consumption controlled disposition
LO540external services
LO550general and wide spreat Customizing in MM
LO610Processes of delivery
LO640Foreign trade and customs
LO925Application wide business processes in SD and MM
LO955Administration of charges
NET050Development of web applications basic knowlegdes of the application technical basics
SCM200Summary Supply Chain Planing

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As an IT programmer I won't be reserved to further programming languages or other computer environments like internet programming, to Delphi or C++ I have not a close position, but I try to set the learning things (if in school, courses, self-interest or in one's own initiative) from theory into practical use, even if it is only for a self demonstration. I prefer the education in learning by doing.